So here is my translation of the French documentary from the French video game channel "gameone". It's subject is shoot them up's. I have spent many hours (between 30 and 40) doing this so it would be good if people could ask me before hosting it anywhere else. I know there will be some mistakes, sorry for that, if you see any, contact me and I will correct them. Well I hope this translation will help you lot.

here is a link to the video (left click - save as)

Thanks to Fontaz for hosting the video, to all the people in the IRC chan (gamesurge; #ikaruga) that helped me for the tranlation and Fontaz and Tiktak for the subtitles.

I have finally put the subtitles from Tiktak online. Thanks for that Tiktak.


I also added the making of from the documentry.

Today I aded Fontaz's version of the subtitles, I have corrected the mistakes I found, and it's better syncronised than Tiktak's one.


I aded an italian version of the subtitles by Fontaz, if you have your own language subtitles, I will add them if you e-mail them to me.


I found what I think is the japanease subs for the documentry, and aded them on the site.