11 juillet 2006

Subtitle File #2 by fontaz

Fontaz's subtitle file, it is better syncronised than Tiktak's one, and I corrected a few mestakes in it: shmup subtitles So tu use this with windows you can do this: Get VLC: Open the video file "open file (advanced)": then load the subtitle file like this: They also work with mplayer too: all you have to do is put them in the same directory.
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10 juillet 2006

Making of

Here is the making of from the documentry, there are no subtitles or translation yet, I might put some on if I feel like it.
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10 juillet 2006

subtitle file #1 and player by Tiktak

So Tiktak has send me a .txt File with a player, so I am puting it here, a couple of problems with the timing sometimes, but it's a lot better than the original long text, thanks Tiktak ;). here is the .txt file:subtitle translation.txt So tu use this with windows you can do this (this is the original soft that tiktak used):Download this video player then open the video (shmup.avi) (click on the pic to grow):   Then open the subtitle file (subtitle translation.txt): Or with VLC: Open the video... [Lire la suite]
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06 juillet 2006

The whole translation.

Narrator: In France we would call them “shoot them up”, or “shmup” or “shooter”. In Japan it would be “shooting game” or “STG”, all of this is the same thing. That’s how we called the first genre of video games, the one who arrived before all of the others, the one who by his impact and long life was for a long time the symbol of the whole video games. It is time to see how all of this started, yes you know, the shooting game started in Japan! 00:40 Narrator: In the middle of the star wars trend, the Japan discovers... [Lire la suite]
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